Beshley’s Wool Shop


If you’re visiting Bristol, you MUST pop into Beshley’s Wool Shop, which has just opened in Alma Vale Road, Clifton.  I was SO excited to discover that a new yarn shop would be opening near me and I couldn’t wait to see it.  Would you like to take a little peek inside?


Meet Beshley the owner  – we had a lovely chat today about all of the gorgeous yarn that she stocks, all sourced from the British Isles (read more on her website about Artesano, Blacker Designs, Donegal Yarns, Erika Knight, Jamieson & Smith, Jon Arbon Textiles, West Yorkshire Spinners and Woolyknit).  Beshley told me that she plans to add lots more to the shop in the near future, packing it with patterns and as much British Wool as possible.  Of course I had to mention the Rowan Purelife Range sourced from British Sheep too!

I read recently that the UK has the greatest diversity of sheep breeds of any nation in the world, with over 80 different breeds in the UK with more than 70% being native to the UK.  Our heritage sheep breeds play an important role in the rural economy helping to sustain our countryside and are an important renewable and sustainable natural resource.  Take a look at the Campaign for Wool website .  You can also read about my trip to the wonderful Wool House exhibition at Somerset House in London here.

Take a look at this gorgeous range including  Jamieson and Smith Shetland Wool.  Can you spot the Kate Davies “Colours of Shetland Book” on the shelf?:


More gorgeous wool and Brittany Birch Needles and crochet hooks:


I just love the beautiful shades available from Erika Knight’s British Blue wool range made from the fleece of Blue-Faced Leicester – so soft!


Spot the cute little knitted owls for sale?


Artesano British Wool:


And for those who love vintage, Excelana, the result of a collaboration between John Arbon and Susan Crawford knitwear designer spun from the fleece of the Exmoor Blueface, which live on the moors of North Devon.


You can also find a gorgeous vintage section in the shop stocking beautiful buttons, needle, notions and patterns and some fabulous art work.  I love the shop ‘yarn’ logo which was designed by Beshley’s illustrator boyfriend.


The shop provides a wonderful space for workshops and a crochet granny square workshop with Jan Ollis is planned for later in July.  Beshley also told me that a Knitting Group will be meeting on Tuesdays starting from 9th July to sit, knit and natter.

Good luck with your new venture Beshley, and thanks for the lovely chat today – I think your shop is fabulous and I’ll certainly be back!

Claire x


9 thoughts on “Beshley’s Wool Shop

  1. Joy

    Thank you so much for showing us this gorgeous new shop Claire – wish I lived close by – what a selection of wools, it’s magnificent. I doubt anyone could be strong-willed enough to leave that shop without fresh supplies!
    Very best wishes to Beshley in her wonderful new endeavour, and thanks to you for bringing it to us!
    Joy xo

  2. garnharmoni

    Oh I can’t believe I missed this! I am a Bristolian now living permanently in Sweden. Just been on my first visit back to Bris in nearly three years since I moved and I was on such a tight schedule to show my Swede the tourist sights before going on to the Cornish coast that I didn’t even allow time to look up any local yarn shops! This looks like an amazing place and maybe I will just have to be quicker with my next visit back to my hometown…

      1. garnharmoni

        Hi Claire. Well, I am living in the right climate for making woolly warming clothes! There are quite a few nice yarns to pick from and my favourite brand is Drops, which is actually Norwegian. My local shop here in north of Sweden has a friendly, helpful lady who gives me a generous returning customer discount. Soon moving to the capital and on my last Stockholm yarn shop visit was treated very rudely by one of the staff. I was about to walk out when a much nicer girl stepped in to offer assistance. Very strange! Are you a Bristolian, then? Thanks for popping by my blog too – you are always “välkommen” as they say in these here parts… 😉

      2. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

        Yes, I’ve heard lots of good things about Drops yarn. I love Pickles – Norwegian too. I grew up just outside of Bristol, but I’ve also lived and worked there at various times in my life. It’s a great city. I would love to visit Sweden one day 🙂

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