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Beside the Seaside

Miss F and I had the chance of a little impromptu trip to the seaside today (Miss E is away on school camp so there was no school run) and I thought I would share some photos with you.  We don’t live near the sea so it was a special day out for us (combined with a work trip for my husband).  I love being by the sea at all times of the year and there’s something particularly nice about going out of season and having virtually the whole beach to yourself …..

056  049

043  054

Time for a short jaunt along the pier….

064  062

A spot of treasure hunting: I love heart shaped pebbles!


And we HAD to stop and admire these Beautiful Rainbow Coloured Beach Huts, aren’t they gorgeous!?  They remind me a little of my crocheted Ripple Blanket!

077  079

076  074

Oh I do love a beach with beach huts…..


You’d never guess would you!?

We’re tired out now, particularly as it was a long drive, but we are home having had a welcome dose of sea air and a change of scene for the day!

Do you like to visit the beach during the winter months too?

I love Dorset.  Do you have a favourite place to visit?

Goodbye seaside: hope to visit you again soon x