Rowan KAL : week 2: Nordic Square

If you’ve been taking part in Rowan’s Pure Wool Worsted Knit-A-Long how have you been getting on? I’ve loved hearing about your colour choices and progress over on Facebook and every time I pop over to the KAL thread on Ravelry it’s so busy with everyone chatting away, sharing tips and ideas.
Here are some snaps of my progress with week 2, the Nordic Square pattern. I chose the oxygen shade for my first set of three, then couldn’t decide which shade to knit with next….









After deliberating over whether to go for Mallard (carrying on with the blue- green theme) or granite or moonstone, I ended up choosing the moonstone, which interestingly seems to have a hint of green in with the grey. What do you think? I hope the colours will all go together!  And I really must do some blocking and not leave it all to the end of the KAL!  I also fear I maybe becoming addicted to taking photos of Pure Wool Worsted!
So, I’m off to knit the Heirloom Lace pattern now available for week 3. I’m thinking of candy…


Here’s the link for the free download for Week 3: Heirloom Lace, a simple lace and garter stich pattern.  Don’t forget to check out the Martin Storey You Tube Video for week 3 and for beginner knitters there are lots of helpful video tutorials listed alongside each square for all of the various techniques involved.  This weeks pattern is a written pattern, but if you prefer knitting from charts, check out the Nottingham Knitter’s blog and Knitting Konrad’s blog – both have created their own charts that you can download if you would find it helpful.

Thanks for joining me and happy knitting!


10 thoughts on “Rowan KAL : week 2: Nordic Square

  1. Kirsten

    I can’t wait to actually get started on this! Sadly, the yarn I ordered has been backordered, so I have a 2-3 week wait ahead of me, not sure if I can make it! Yours looks great 🙂

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Thank you! Oh that’s a shame about the back order but there will be a month at the end to “catch up” so no need to worry 🙂 love the colours you have chosen – I’m really into my blues & greys at the moment. Trying out the pink will be different!

      1. Kirsten

        Hopefully the weeks will fly by and I can finish up with everyone else. Can’t wait to see how your pink looks!

      2. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

        Thanks I knitted up a square last night – the lace pattern is pretty. Candy looks like a really nice vintage pink. I’ll pop a photo on Instagram later 🙂

  2. Den

    I am so frightfully behind! I’m still wrapping up week one. *hangs head in shame* We’ve been busy getting the yard ready for spring and there hasn’t been a lot of time for knitting.

    But yours! Yours look amazing! I love the mallard and hope to do a sweater with it later. There’s a hoodie Rowan designed for this yarn that it would be gorgeous in. 🙂

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Thank you! Sadly I am now behind myself though! I’m still finishing last weeks squares so am now a week behind… My daughter has had her end of school tests this week and a piano exam and what with work, well, less knitting has been done! Hopefully I’ll try and catch up a bit this weekend 🙂

      1. Den

        Aww we can be behind together! I spent the weekend ill, so I got very little knitting finished. I managed to finish a pair of socks, but that was about it. 😦 Hopefully we can both catch up soon!

      2. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

        Yes we can! Impressed that you have managed to finish your socks! – I’ve had to put my other knitting to one side with all my KAL squares 😉 rubbish to be ill at the weekend – hope you’re feeling better again now?

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