Rowan KAL week 1 : Garter Stitch Waves

Hurrah I’m pleased to say that I made it through week 1! It’s been fun.  Garter Stitch Waves is an easy pattern to memorise combining simple knit and purl stitches, so after you’ve knitted the first square, the rest can easily be combined with a spot of TV watching or a similar activity.  I started off with the recommended needle size 4.5mm but soon realised that I needed to drop down to 4mm.  I’ve also found that my squares are more rectangle in shape than square so I’ve added a couple of extra rows at the top and bottom of each square in stocking stitch (after the garter stitch rows but before the wave pattern).  I just need to block them.

Have you checked out the Ravelry Group for the KAL yet?  Its very busy over there – a great place to get tips and talk colours, needles and blocking and chat in general…  Last time I looked there were 495 participants in the KAL!   Check out the following link for further useful links to Clue No. 1, the You Tube Video by Martin Storey, the KAL shopping list, and Dayana’s very useful tips on how to download the free pattern from the Rowan Yarns website without any hiccups (note that you’ll have to sign up for a free Rowan account to download the clue – if the download button is missing after you have logged in, try refreshing the page in your browser).

Don’t forget – the next clue will be available next Monday 28th April!  I’m off to share a photo of my finished squares over on Ravelry – I hope to see your photos too.  Happy KAL-ing!

Here are the Pure Wool Worsted colours that I chose for the KAL:  oxygen 137, azure 138, peacock 139, mallard 144 , moonstone 112, granite 111, candy 118 and pretty pink 113.  My girls even made cupcakes this week to match my azure yarn!





10 thoughts on “Rowan KAL week 1 : Garter Stitch Waves

  1. Cindi Brumpton

    It’s so nice to know we made it through Block 1 and with plenty of time to spare! I love your colours. As I told you, they completely remind me of Greece. But you are a particularly lucky duck in that you have Greece with matching cupcakes. 😉

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Yes, we made it ~ yippee! Thank you – the colours are making me dream of sunny skies and turquoise seas. How will I manage when I get to moonstone & granite – I hope the girls don’t make me grey cupcakes! 😉

  2. Den

    Woo hoo! The colors are lovely. I can’t wait to see what the next clue is!

    I’m a wee bit behind due to work and now, I’ve cut my finger, which makes knitting difficult. 😦

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Thanks! I’ve been doing ok as it’s been a long bank holiday weekend in the UK but I’m back to work this week so I might not be so quick to finish clue 2…. Your forest green colour looks lovely. The pure wool worsted is so nice to knit with isn’t it. Sorry to hear you’ve cut your finger – hope it heals quickly 🙂

      1. Den

        Thank you! I’ve managed to complete two squares today and may even hit three, possibly four. 🙂 I just love this yarn!

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