Sequins, Sparkle and Shimmer

Do you remember the photo I took of some Rowan Kidsilk Haze Glamour on my Rowan Beach Shoot back in the Spring?  You can see it below in the colour ‘smoke’ alongside some lovely blue Soft Knit Cotton and the All Seasons Chunky in the colour ‘pebble’.


Kidsilk Haze Glamour is a fine yarn made from a blend of super kid mohair and silk, and added a thread of sequins. Ideal for lace stitch accessories this yarn is lightweight and glamourous, the sequins give a unique and random pattern to the finished knitted fabric, making it ideal for evening wear or just that little bit of added sparkle.

There are some gorgeous knitting patterns using KSH Glamour, many of them free, on Rowan’s website, but the urge to crochet struck me and with only one skein to play with, I found myself searching the internet for a suitable pattern.  I came across the lovely Churchmouse Yarns and decided to make Kelly’s Frothy Crocheted Scarf:


It’s a fab pattern, using simple single (or double crochet if you are in the UK) which gives the impression of  delicate lace stitch and it satisfyingly zips along once you get used to using a size 10mm (pattern suggests 11.5mm) crochet hook.  I did actually end up buying an extra skein to get the length required and to crochet the edging.

KSH Glamour

I have to admit that I took a while to complete it as I’ve been working on other projects, but I took the scarf on a trip to Dorset recently and it was the perfect holiday project.  I finished it really quickly and I’m glad that I did because its the perfect weight scarf for late summer into early autumn, or an evening out or special occasion.  And I do love the sparkles – the sequins definitely add an extra something to this lovely yarn which comes in a gorgeous range of colours.  When you buy the pattern from Churchmouse Yarns, you also get the instructions to make a wrap, which uses 3 skeins of Kidsilk Haze.

It was quite hard to capture the sparkle on a camera – I took a few shots out in the garden of our holiday cottage – partly because the setting was so lovely – but I hope you get the general idea.


Kidsilk Haze Glamour could easily be substituted for any of your favourite patterns using Kidsilk Haze or similar yarns.  Although very slightly thicker, it would add a lovely sparkle!

Here are some pictures of a couple of my favourite free knitting patterns using KSH Glamour, available on the Rowan website.  Click here for a pattern link for the Stellar Wrap, designed by Alison Crowther-Smith with a ribbed design, finished with a frill edging.

Stellar Wrap     Gypsy Shawl

The Gypsy Shawl, designed by Sarah Hatton, would be perfect for evening wear: (click here for a pattern link).

You can also check out the Kidsilk Haze Glamour Collection, published by Rowan and featuring 14 designs to support this yarn:

The Glamour Collection

If you like sparkle and shimmer too, you may be interested in the recently launched Rowan Kidsilk Haze Eclipse, which adds extra sparkle by adding a shimmering metallic thread to some of Rowan’s most popular Kidsilk Haze colours.  Check out the gorgeous Aries & Pisces colours below :

Kidsilk Haze Eclipse

Accompanying the yarn is this beautiful Kidsilk Haze Eclipse Mini Collection:

KSH Eclipse Collection

Further sparkle and shimmer can also be found in the Parisian Nights Collection, which was launched last year and features 12 elegant designs taking you from daywear into eveningwear and using Kidsilk Haze and Anchor Artiste Metallic. Check it out here.

Parisian Nights

Let me know if you try any of these yarns or patterns – I would love to hear from you.  Or let me know if you have any sparkly recommendations to share of your own?

Claire xx

6 thoughts on “Sequins, Sparkle and Shimmer

  1. Joy

    It’s lovely to have another look at your gorgeous scarf Claire and to see all those fabulous Rowan yarns. Thank you for providing the links, which I intend to follow up on very soon, for I’m quite keen to do a shawl as soon as I finish my present WIP!
    Have a great weekend!
    Joy x

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Hi Joy, thanks for your kind words about my scarf – it was really so simple to do, but quite effective I think. I’m glad you like the links. I really want to have a good search through the Rowan pattern archives myself one day, I’ve pinned a few things to my Pinterest Boards that I like but I’m sure there are some real gems that I haven’t discovered yet 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the shawl that you have planned to make. Congrats on the Liebster Award, I loved reading the facts that you shared about yourself 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend too, Claire x

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  3. jenny

    Hi. Ive just knitted a scarf for my daughter and would realy like to sew sequins onto it but have nomidea how to do it! Any advice?? Thanks xx

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Hi there, I’m afraid I don’t really have anything helpful to say – the yarn I used already had sequins incorporated so I didn’t need to sew them on. I’ve seen methods where knitters have attached beads as they knit but I’m not sure how you would sew sequins on once you’ve already knitted the scarf. Hope you find an easy way to do it – the effects are really lovely with a bit of sparkle 🙂 good luck xx

      1. jenny

        Ok thanks. Ive also seen where someone has incorporated into the knitting. Looks hard!
        I think maybe if I just push the needle up through the middle and then sew to one side, then do the same again but sew to the other side. Ill let you know if it works!
        Thanks for replying. God bless. Xx

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