Walled Gardens and Lavender Fields

Last week, we decided to grab a much needed day out before the end of the school term, just the two of us.  Its amazing what you can find on your doorstep for free without really travelling very far…

First we stopped off at the Walled Garden in the village of Mells.  I LOVE cottage gardens and would so love to have a garden like this.  Sadly, my garden seems to be a little overgrown with a few too many weeds at the moment!







We stayed for lunch – wood fired pizza from the Walled Garden Pizza Oven.  Soooo delicious! (Make mental note to research building a wood fired pizza oven at home!)




On the way home we called in at the local Somerset Lavender Fields.  We’ve driven past the sign for the Lavender Fields many times on route to other destinations and I had no idea what gorgeousness lay hidden a short distance away from the main road.  With the heatwave that the UK is experiencing at the moment, it felt like we were in Provence! The views and the scent of the lavender was amazing:






There were even some lavender coloured sweet-peas!


Just enough time to enjoy the Lavender before a quick dash off on the school run.  A fab day out!

Do you love cottage gardens and lavender too?  Do you have a favourite flower?

Happy Holidays!


22 thoughts on “Walled Gardens and Lavender Fields

  1. Joy

    LOOK at that lavender – how beautiful can it get! Lovely pics from a lovely day out!
    Thank you so much for sharing those moments of enjoyment!
    Joy x

  2. tamsyng

    It looks beautiful! lovely photographs. I was thinking about taking Arthur to the lavender farm, as mine is in flower now and thought it would be a good time. hope we’re not to late by the time we get there. Did you try the lavender shortbread? Love the walled garden at mells to. We found a lovely cycle trail near there a few months back and meant to return with our bikes. xx

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Thanks Tamsyn, I’m glad I had my camera with me! I’m definitely going to pop back with the girls especially with the lovely little cafe there too. I didn’t try the lavender shortbread though – sounds yummy! Can’t believe we’ve only just discovered the Walled Garden too. Cycling sounds like a great idea! Have you any other recommendations in the area? I’ve just bought a copy of ‘Wild Guide: Devon, Cornwall & South West’ and it contains lots of hidden gems to visit 🙂

      1. tamsyng

        The cycle track is called Colliers way, it is not far from mells and goes along an old railway track, there is a map to download if you look it up. Also near Mells is Nunney castle have you been there? I am having a little crochet workshop and stall on the 3rd of August at the Nunney street fair. xx

      2. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

        Thanks, I’ll look the cycle track up ~ sounds lovely 🙂 We went to Nunney Castle on the way back from Frome once but I’d like to pop back again in the hols. The street fair sounds so lovely – we will be on our way to Dorset for the week on 3rd of August, otherwise we could have popped by. Post some photos? Hope it goes well. Xxx

  3. garnharmoni

    Hello! Immediately on seeing these pictures I thought: England! West Country scenes to make me a bit homesick! Especially having just come back from my hols to the UK. This looks like a nice place to stop the next time I fly over… I think my Swedish fellow would also like the traditional English gardens. I can almost smell the lavender! Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes from Christina in Sweden.

  4. kate0795

    I love lavender! Have a large swathe of it in my front garden, and would love to get some other varieties. My sister in law has several varieties from a nursery that grows hundreds! I love the white variety. The garden you visited is gorgeous. Something about the colours and naturalness. Don’t think a bit of scruffiness matters…mine is a bit like that but I don’t do formal, I prefer chaotic!! Kate x

  5. karibu57

    I love Lavender almost as much as I love reading your blog…always a ray of sunshine when I come and visit you here. I have linked from my blog to yours as I want all my followers to find you too.

    Love and hugs, Heike xx

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