Granny Bunting Fun and Crochet for Children


If you’ve been following the wonderful Attic24 blog, you’ll have heard all about the Yarndale Festival, a festival of creativity and craft, being organised in Skipton, Yorkshire this September. Inspired by Lucy of Attic24’s request for granny bunting for the event, and looking for something fun to do during school half term, we dived into our basket of Stylecraft DK stash to crochet some granny bunting triangles – how could we not oblige!?


My 10 year old daughter who is quite a crochet whizz these days (I had better watch out!) quickly whipped up a triangle or two whilst I was searching for Lucy’s bunting pattern on her blog. Proud mummy moment:


Making the granny bunting is really quite addictive and we’ll be sending some off for Yarndale (the deadline for sending in bunting is the end of July if you would like to make some too) and also using the pattern to make some granny bunting for our camper van and maybe the chicken house – my girls think it might brighten up their day! (watch this space…)  Thank you Lucy for a super pattern and tutorial!

photo (1)


Here’s a snap of some of my granny bunting using my little stash of Rowan Handknit Cotton:

photo (5)

It’s great to have a child who shares my passion for yarny things. We taught ourselves to crochet using You Tube and books like Nicki Trench’s Cute and Easy Crochet.  A great little book for teaching children to crochet is ‘Kids Learn to Crochet’ by Lucinda Guy.   It features simple language and sweet animal illustrated characters with step-by-step instructions to help children to master crocheting chains and basic crochet stitches with projects such as a striped toy cat, a small bear, a sweet bag and some flowers.

In the early days, we went along to and were very inspired by a Scumbled Crochet workshop run by the talented Tamsyn G where my daughter made this gorgeous freeform crochet heart with ribbon and beads which we have in a little wooden frame:


If you haven’t tried scumbled crochet yet, do check it out, its really fun and the results are quite beautiful.  You can see some of Tamsyn’s projects in the gallery on her blog here.

Here’s a snap of my daughter’s latest scumbled crochet project.  Its fun, portable and you can add to it whenever you fancy a spot of crochet:

photo (4)

Another great crochet book for kids that I’ve discovered is ‘Crochet for Children’ by Claire Montgomerie:


It contains lots of delightful projects (adults might be tempted here too!):


There are sections on techniques, including tools, how to hold the hook and the yarn, and instructions on basic stitches. The projects are set out in themes that include ‘warm and cosy’, accessories, bedroom essentials, playtime and amigurimi toys.

photo (3)

The author has also written a knitting version ‘Knitting for Children’ which is equally gorgeous and contains ’35 simple knits that kids will love to make’. We have a copy of this too!


Of course, the younger members of the family shouldn’t miss out – I bought this second hand book recently for my three year old:


I love the start of the book:


The illustrations are so lovely, don’t you think?


The littlest member of our family likes to call our crocheted Granny Squares ‘Grandma’ and ‘Grandpa’ Squares: so cute!

P.S: I haven’t been asked by the authors to review these books – I just happen to like them 🙂

Claire x

14 thoughts on “Granny Bunting Fun and Crochet for Children

  1. tamsyng

    What a lovely blog post 🙂 The Granny bunting looks great fun and sooo colourful. I remember your daughter making that heart, she is a natural at crochet! The Extra Yarn book looks so sweet. Thankyou for the mention I am glad you were inspired. I aim to do a lot more workshops after the summer. Have a great week xxx

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Thanks Tamsyn! Your work is very inspirational & such beautiful colours! We really enjoyed your workshop & E hasn’t stopped crocheting since! Lol! Seems like your son is following in your creative footsteps too? Great start to blogging 🙂 Have a fab week xxx

      1. tamsyng

        Thanks thats so lovely to hear 😉 Arty is very excited about his blog, but we haven’t had much making time over the last week. Hope you have a great week and enjoy the sun xx

  2. kate0795

    So, so pretty….what a clever young lady you have. Love the granny triangles. I’ve been trying out a few myself! I’ve never heard of scumble crochet but I’m going to have a look at this now…thank you!! Kate x

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Thanks Kate! 🙂 Your triangles look great too – and love the Pom poms! Looks like you had a nice half term 🙂 Definitely look up the scumbled crochet – it’s great fun! xx

  3. karibu57

    What a lovely post and lovely to hear that you and your daughter share crocheting time together. I did with mine (and knitting too) between the ages 10-14…then Teenagedom came along and it was no longer 😦 and apart from socks and the odd snood she didn’t even want me to knit for her.
    You can imagine how totally chuffed I was when she asked me during our visit to Germany last week if I could knit a Linen Jumper for her…Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love reading your blog, seeing your pictures on IG and FB…it feels as if I know you.

    Hugs, Heike xx

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Aw, thanks Heike, I feel the same & love your posts & pictures too 🙂 – E doesn’t like me to knit for her much either – scarves & snoods are allowed – but loves to make (or me to make) things for her little sister or the dogs! 😉 I’m sure our girls will be really grateful when they are older that they learnt to knit & crochet when they were young! Fab that you are knitting for your daughter again now – hope to see a photo of the Linen jumper 🙂
      Claire xxx

  4. shazzarob

    Blimey I am determined to learn crochet at some point this year. Your daughter makes lovely bunting.:)
    I hadnt heard of Yarndale so I shsll def try and take a look in sept as skipton is in my neck of the woods.

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Thank you 🙂 She will be pleased to hear that! Yes, look Yarndale up, it’s the last weekend in September & sounds like a fab day out! Let me know if you decide to try crochet 🙂

  5. Joy

    Hello Claire – it’s wonderful that your daughter has taken so well to crochet and that there is so much help and encouragement ‘out there’ as well as from you, her Mum; well done to you both.
    The bunting looks gorgeous and I do love the Rowan colours – I also like the idea of Grandpa, as well as Grandma, squares!
    Joy x

  6. epicyarns

    How lovely sharing your love of yarn with your daughter. I hope to pass on my skills one day. Such lovely coloured bunting as well. fabulous!

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