Easter Bunnies, Easter Bakes and Haughty Hens

Its the start of the school Easter Holidays here in the UK.  We’ve been busy making & baking.

bunny2  002

Bunnies have been the main theme of the week here at Knit and Purl Garden….

Yarn filled nest of easter eggs anyone?


There has been easter bunny making:

015  013

My Easter Bunny was finally finished today : yay!


This little bunny has been a fun portable project to work on and can be knitted with less than one ball of DK wool from your stash.  You can find the free pattern here if you would like to knit this little lady for yourself or some other lucky person 🙂

There has also been yummy Banana and Chocolate Cupcake making (recipe online here):


And crafternoon creations – rocking chickens and chicks:


As its nearly Easter, I thought I’d introduce you my knitted haughty hens:




You can find the pattern for the Haughty Hens in a great little book by Clare Garland called Knit and Purl Pets.  (There are bunny patterns too :))

And here are our own chickens:

099  125 095  096

Happy Easter xx


15 thoughts on “Easter Bunnies, Easter Bakes and Haughty Hens

  1. shazzarob

    What gorgeous pics:)
    I love the bunny. Wish i could knit but I never got the hang of it. Not that I have tried it for years! Is crochet easy to do?
    Your chickens seem to have taken to the haughty hen. 😀

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Thank you! 🙂 I only came back to knitting recently having only learnt basic stiches as a child. I think its much easier to learn these days with the help of You Tube videos & some really great blogs – much better than trying to learn something from a book. Or go to a class so you can learn ‘hands on’. Crochet is great: easy to learn, quick results and portable 🙂 Blogs like Attic24 are fab – Lucy has some fantastic picture tutorials leading you through her cute projects step by step. You should have a go 🙂 x

  2. Kristen

    You’re so lucky to have little ones! Easter is so fun with tiny helping hands and all the excitement! Your little cookies are adorable, I can only imagine the fun everyone had making them.

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  5. Cathy

    New to knitting !!!!
    I am trying the haughty hens but i am confused. At the end of Rnd 35 you have 46st. how can you then go back to rnds 26- 29 3 times more which only has 34st. I ended up making all sorts of adjustments so that I ended with 46st ready to move on the rnd 48. Love the pattern so would really like to get it right. Cathy

    1. Knit and Purl Garden Post author

      Hi Cathy, yes I did have problems with this pattern – I think I ended up bodging it to get to the right number of stitches. I later discovered that the book has a lot of errors which is very sad as I really love it! This is what it should say:

      Rnd 35 k2, *p2, k2, rep from*.
      Rep rnds 32-35 3 times more.

      I think if you take a look at Claire Garlands website she has a list that you can download of all the errors. Or email her or the publisher directly. They are aware of the problem. I have written the revisions into my book so if you want to knit anything else you’re welcome to ask me too. Zoom the greyhound has so many errors that there is an entire pattern re-write available! I was quite new to knitting when I tried the hen pattern and it is very frustrating isn’t it!? Don’t let it put you off though Good luck with your hen – it’ll look fab even without the pattern amendment! 🙂
      Claire x


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